Cocktails By “The Press”

Friskey Whiskey

Our twist on the classic whiskey sour. What makes this cocktail the sassiest of them all, is our addition of pressed raspberries, for that gorgeous pink summer glow. Watch out though! One or two of these and things might, indeed, get a little friskey!


Serves 8 


4-5 Lemons

1 cup of Simple Syrup

1 cup of Raspberries pushed through a sieve

16 ounces of Whiskey (We like Crown Royal)

Sparkling Water


  • Press out all the juice from the lemons using “The Press” (This should give you about 1 cup.), pour it into a pitcher large enough to hold 5 cups of liquid.

  • Then add 1 cup of Simple Syrup, the raspberries and the Whiskey and mix it all up!

  • Pour it into 8 tall chilled glasses that have been filled with ice.

  • Top off the glasses with sparkling water.

  • If you want to get fancy save some of the raspberry juice to wet the top of the glasses and then dip them in white sugar, leaving you with a pink rimmed glass. 

    Enjoy, but remember they’re Friskey!

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