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Review by: "12 Bottle Bar"


Over the course of the past few months, the Vintage Kitchen Press has become a 12 Bottle Bar staple. If ever we need to juice more than half a lemon, it’s our go-to tool. With its rugged “juice anything” construction and nothing-more-than-what-it-takes-to-do-the-job styling, the Press is the NAS Defender 110 of juicers.


Celebrating the Fruits of Her Labour - Article in the Royal Gazette, Bermuda



I love cooking and because of this I have learned to make better meals than you can get at most restaurants.  The Press has become one of my standard tools in preparing a meal.  I use it daily.



Last week, THE PRESS was much in use as I prepared the Jewish New Year holiday dinners. Numerous recipes required a squeezed orange or lemon.  I made a delicious Mid Eastern clementine cake.  I easily pressed four good sized clementines and noticed the pits didn't enter the juice compartment.  I'm enjoying the PRESS.